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Pipetas Electrónicas - Ergo One E- 8, 12 Canales

Reliable and ergonomic ErgoOne® E single and multi-channel pipettes provide reliable pipetting every day. ErgoOne® E are microprocessor controlled, battery-operated, piston-stroke pipettes, which have been optimised for ergonomic operation and ease of use. The lightweight, ergonomic design of ErgoOne® E pipettes are perfect for comfortable pipetting during long periods of use. Five operating modes Pipetting Reverse Pipetting Mixing Multi Dispense Electrophoresis Features Easy to use, intuitive menu structure Long-lasting battery (~4000 pipetting cycles from one charge) Auto-shut off helps save battery life Battery refresh function extends life / optimises performance 1-year warranty

ErgoOne® E 8-Channel Pipettes Cat No. Description Colour Coding G9008-0010 0.5-10µl ErgoOne® E 8-Channel Pipette Red G9008-0020 1-20µl ErgoOne® E 8-Channel Pipette Red G9008-0100 5-100µl ErgoOne® 8-Channel Pipette Yellow G9008-0300 15-300µl ErgoOne® 8-Channel Pipette Green


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